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cache_935698550Why do we need antioxidants? Cigarette smoke, air pollution, alcohol, drugs, radiation from televisions and computers, chemicals and a busy life generate free radicals, which cause “oxidative stress”. Free radicals attack all your vital cellular structures, such as cell membranes and stimulate processes that have been linked to accelerated cellular aging.
An antioxidant’s job is to neutralize the free radical cells thus protecting the cells in our body from accelerated aging. By neutralizing the free radicals, these once free radical cells are able to assist with nutritional distribution, proper circulation and overall better health.
Proanthenols provides the very best in nutritional antioxidant support.

Proanthenols White Paper
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cache_936020645Forever Young is Skin Food from the Sea. Forever Young helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles (especially around the eyes) and enhances the effects of face and body creams, oils, and lotions regardless of which brand you use.
How does it work?
As we age, the combination of exposure to environmental pollution and the natural aging process causes our skin cells to break down. This leads to lines and wrinkles. This is due to the decrease in collagen and elastin in our skin, as well as the reduction in hyaluronic acid production, which is the main skin hydrator. Forever Young’s special blend of nutrients helps restore collagen and elastin and deeply hydrate the skin.

cache_935698555Lifeplus Discovery uses a concentrated, high quality extract of the Astragalus root. Used in China for thousands of years, in its most concentrated form, Astragalus contributes to the longevity of stem cells, prolonging and enhancing their ability to repair themselves, and manufacture new cells for the whole body – helping to combat the aging process at a cellular level.