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BodySmart Testimonials

What Could BodySmart Forever do for YOU?

It’s been three weeks since I started the program and I have officially lost 12 pounds and 4.5 inches. My energy is excellent, thinking is clear, and I am feeling great. I have a constant battle with my hormones so I know it will be a continued journey, but I feel healthy and it hasn’t been that hard to do. – Pam Armbrister, Tulsa, OK

I heard about the BodySmart program through my connection with the Life Plus Million Lives Team and decided to give it a try after many years of being overweight. My unsuccessful attempts to get my weight down had left me with an attitude of “nothing works”. I started with the BodySmart shakes only (because I had some on hand), while I waited for my full program package to come in. I used the shake in the morning and followed the LOGI style eating of the program. In my first 9 days I dropped 10 lbs! I am now following the full program and can’t wait to see how much weight I can drop. At my opportune best weight I have over 100 lbs to lose and for the first time in a long time I have hope that I will accomplish it!-Melanie Roberts, Dallas, TX

I have lost 23 lbs in 21 days. I have never felt better in many ways; clear mind, clear skin, sleeping better and I just feel good all around. I have no hunger or cravings but lots of energy. The program is easy, and I have not deviated from it at all, which has brought me great results.-Joyce Billings, Westminster, MD

I thought this was going to be MUCH harder than its turned out to be! I only did one day of just protein shakes, because I love food too much to do two whole days. The first day was a little rough because like I said, I love food. I’ve now been on the program three weeks today, and every day it gets so much easier, and I find myself wondering how I ever ate junk food every day. As of today, I am down 10 lbs!! I only have 10-15 more to get down to my goal weight, which is awesome! –Amanda Colin, Westminster, MD

I started this with the goal of losing 30 lbs before my daughter’s wedding, which is July 5. I began Feb. 18th and have lost at least 10 lbs over all. I have enormous amounts of energy, am not hungry, and have been enjoying eating out as well!!!! Anyone can do this…but what is even better is that everyone can do it! I have found that unlike ‘dieting’, this is a truly healthy way of eating, which means I’m learning what foods my body really needs by buying and eating my own food choices – not prepackaged foods. I am also learning what foods will make my body revolt and how that feels…yuck! (I have been known to be a little hard headed, haha!) I have 20 more lbs in the reduction phase to reach my goal, and have no doubt that I will make it with time to spare before the wedding. I also have no doubt that I will maintain eating healthily after my reduction is complete because …. not only do I feel great, I’m discovering so many more benefits!! For instance, my taste buds can taste everything, my thinking is becoming much clearer (see above ‘body revolt’ reference!), my skin is so much softer… and I’ve just recently noticed that the small wrinkles on my face seem to be disappearing!!! Totally happy with what’s happening here! -Helen Hgazy, Memphis, TN