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Better Than Organic:

cache_936019898How can Lifeplus ingredients be better than Organic? Well, as it relates to the purity of an ingredient, the term organic means that most (not all) chemicals cannot be used in growing the crop. Some synthetic pesticides are allowed under the guidelines for organic. This means that a product could contain heavy metals, toxins, and chemicals and still be considered organic. This isn’t good enough for Lifeplus or you. The scientists in the Lifeplus laboratory subject each ingredient to rigorous testing to ensure that it is free from all chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, and any other impurities. Once they are proven to be pure, they are then subject to the “activity” testing. This test ensures the highest potency possible. Only when the ingredient has based this extensive battery of tests is it then used in production.


High temperatures destroy vitamins and enzymes. After all, vegetables don’t grow in 300 degree weather do they? Lifeplus takes their better than organicingredients and carefully blends them into products using a cold-process that maintains the nutritional integrity of the product. This means that what is on the label is what is available to your body.


Vitamins and minerals are not found in isolation in nature’s food supply. You don’t just get vitamin C when you eat an orange-you get all the other nutrients that your body needs to best use the vitamin. Nature and our bodies are intended to be in harmony. Nutrients work together in the body to help perform all the bodies’ functions. The Lifeplus formulations are meticulously designed for optimal synergy and maximum performance.

Plants and Enzymes Hold it all Together:

Most supplements in the market use chemical based fillers, binders, and preservatives to make their products hold together such that it can withstand frequent transportation, handling, and extended time on shelves. These substances are difficult for the body to digest. Lifeplus chooses a different path and ensures that your body can easily absorb the product. Lifeplus uses a proprietary blend of phytonutrients (from fruits and vegetables) and enzymes as their tablet base. These nutrients serve to help you more effectively break down and absorb the product. This is quality controlled and tested through the use of a simulated stomach machine in the lab.


Would you want to eat an apple that was a year old? Probably not! Even a month old apple wouldn’t be very tasty. Even if it did taste okay, it would have minimal nutrients left for you. A plant is at its highest potentcy the moment it is picked. Each ensuing day it loses a little of its nutrient value. Supplements are the same way in general, although the time period for reduced potency is much longer. The longer a supplement sits in a bottle the less potent it is. Lifeplus is a small batch manufacturer that employs “just-in-time” inventory controls. What does this mean to you? When you receive a Lifeplus product it has likely been made in the past thirty days. The freshest you can get.


A full virtual tour of the entire manufacturing facility and process is available upon request!