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Jason Merson
Retired State Trooper & Worship Pastor
A few words in a paragraph cannot adequately express how I feel about what Life Plus has given to my family and I since September of 2006. I’m a retired Maryland State Trooper , the current Worship Pastor at my church and an avid consumer and promoter of Life Plus products. My quest for better health began many years ago when I was faced at an early age with the fact that my family was plagued with heart disease. Throughout the course of my journey I have either researched or experimented with just about every quality nutritional supplement and company in the known market. It wasn’t until I started taking products through Life Plus that my health completely changed for the better. Never in a million years did I consider promoting the products for personal profit until I learned the Life Plus concept of how they helped people help others with absolutely no risk to anyone involved. I had never been exposed to a more fair and honest opportunity. I started promoting a few of the products and before long I was able to have my entire family taking the products at no cost to me. The really crazy thing is the fact that although I have only worked at promoting the products on a part-time/spare time basis for the past 8 years, I have not only been able to provide great healthy supplements for my family, but I make a substantial amount of money to help supplement my income since retirement. There is no company I will ever trust more for their products or their business relationship than I will with Life Plus. Their desire to help people live healthy and happy lives is very appealing to the core values I live by. I often dream of what I could really do if I spent more time helping people other than just spare or part-time. Thank you Life Plus for making such a positive impact on my life!!
Jenny Davis
Stay at Home Mom
The quality of these products speak for themselves. I had used many different products (many were Dr. recommended) over the years in an effort to overcome some health challenges. Nothing worked as well as the Lifeplus products which makes sharing them with others easy. I began growing my income casually through referring friends and family and have steadily reached a level that pays for my entire families products (there are six of us) and pays for some fun activities (including my new hot tub!) Lifeplus has given me my identity back by allowing me to contribute to my family’s finances again. Our local team, as well as the Lifeplus staff are always eager to help me succeed in all aspects of my business.
Jim Sapp
Working for major corporations all my life I just never seemed to make enough money. Than when my wife quit working to stay home with the kids I needed another source of income. I was first introduced to a couple other Home Businesses that didn’t pan out because of the difficulties of their marketing plans. Than I was introduced to Life Plus. After starting my own Life Plus business I had done so well after 2 and a half years that I was able to leave my full time job of 16 years as an engineer with Boeing corporation. I had done much better in 2 and one-half years working for myself than I was ever able to do in 20 years of struggling to get ahead in the corporate world. So I walked away from my daily corporate commutes, to work for myself in my own home office. I was now able to spend more time with my family and I no longer have to worry about whether my job is stable.
Paul Welliver
Athletic Trainer & Massage Therapist
I have been a Certified Athletic Trainer for over 30 years and a Certified Massage Therapist for over 20 years. Early in my career I worked with athletes in all 4 major sports, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. But when it was time to start a family, I sacrificed the income from athletic training in the Pros and took a job in my local community working with high school and college athletes so that I didn’t have to travel and could have more time with my family. Being an athletic trainer, I have been approached by every kind of product company you can think of. I needed to add some extra income because of my earlier career decision so I have also looked at, and tried, many different home based businesses. Rarely did I see products I could believe in, and I never made any money in the home businesses either. That all changed when I was introduced to Lifeplus. Not only did I find products I could trust, but my referral income has reached a level that gives me a second full time income!
Albert Whitestone
Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Life & Leadership Coach
Being in my early 50s and weighing close to 270 pounds, my blood pressure spiked to 208/128. I was a walking time bomb. I have been able to shed 50 plus pounds and was able to get off of most of my medications as a result. When I started taking X-Cell and Ubiquinol 100 from Lifeplus I no longer required any medications. Around the same time my Government contracting income was downsized to zero, and I made a career change. Now I’m having fun sharing these products and referral income concept with others. This year my wife and I will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. We have three grown sons and four grandchildren
Linda & Stephen Bogle
My husband and I have been using the Lifeplus products since 1996. Their products significantly impacted the quality of our health and lifestyle. We are in our late forties but feel like we are in our twenties! We feel great, sleep great, hardly ever get sick and have a ton of energy which really helps us as busy parents. I love being a stay-at-home mom and having the ability to work from home! I also teach Ballroom dancing and enjoy riding horses. For us, utilizing a simple referral approach fit nicely into our busy lifestyle; we are developing residual income overtime, at a pace that is conducive to our goals and aspirations while still being able to do the things that are important to us. It is simple, rewarding and anyone can do it! Lifeplus and our field leaders provide us with tremendous support! We feel privileged to be apart of Lifeplus and the Million Lives Team!
Steve Kinsey
Licensed Athletic Trainer Physical Therapy Practice Owner
I have been a certified/licensed athletic trainer for over 20 years. In the fall of 2002 my wife and I opened our own outpatient physical therapy clinic providing PT and sports medicine services to the Northern Baltimore County community. Given my position, I am approached with many different products so I was initially skeptical about the Lifeplus products but after a few short months I saw tremendous positive effects on my overall health. The business side of Lifeplus is allowing me to increase my income while combating the dramatic decrease in healthcare reimbursements.
Robin Baker
Farming and Woodworking
I Grew up farming, then a woodworking business, then farming again. I learned about Lifeplus several years ago from Todd Burrier and have been using their products ever since. They make a remarkable difference in how I feel and my energy level. After starting another woodworking business in 2009 and closing it in 2013 due to the economy , I decided to do what I truly enjoy doing, sharing the Lifeplus products and story. I now work Lifeplus full time. My goal is to help as many people as I can to achieve better health and financial stability.
Todd Burrier
Founder of The Million Lives Team
Todd is a 27 year industry veteran. He has been a top leader in Lifeplus for over 20 years. He is a sought after mentor, trainer, and speaker, both in the networking industry and in the business community in general. His areas of expertise include leadership, soft skills, personal development, wellness, and home business development. He holds an Economics degree and an MBA. He has authored four books, three on the topic of referral and network marketing. In addition he has created numerous training curriculums and business building tools. He has been an adjunct professor at numerous colleges. He has been married to his wife Melanie for 28 years and has two children.
Carol Thompson
Domestic Engineer
My journey with Lifeplus began through the products. I was exposed to using supplements during my childhood as a way to stay healthy and avoid common illnesses. My parents now 97 and 90 encouraged us to consider our eating and supplementation as a way of life. I've tried many different sources of products but none compare with what I've experienced with Lifeplus. My greatest story began with our BodySmart Forever program two years ago. As a result of slacking in some of my disciplines and menopause I was heavier than I wished to be. I began the BodySmart Forever program in February 2014 and by the middle of May 2014, I had gotten rid of thirty-four pounds. What I learned through this was the importance of eating meals at regular intervals and fueling my body through awesome nutrition. My energy increased, I'm able to keep up with our growing family. We have four grown children and fourteen grandchildren under age eleven. However, the biggest blessing to me is the difference this opportunity is making in our lives. I'm so thankful to be involved in a growing team of like-minded people who reach out to serve one another. I was with another company for seven years and poured my heart and soul in to what I was doing, because I believed in it. I got burned and drew a line in the sand saying I would "never" participate in anything like that again. Never say never, right? Well, my dear friendTodd called one day and shared that he wasn't sure I was aware of all that Lifeplus had to offer me and would I be willing to take a look. I was not interested at all, but because I knew Todd, liked him and trusted him I said ok. That night was a game-changer for me. I had no idea that such a company as Lifeplus existed. This was completely different than anything I had been exposed to up to that point. I'm progressing nicely to where I would like to be and recognize it is a process of growth and change. I'm up for the challenge and look forward to our future and leading as many as I can to fulfilling their dreams and goals and achieving awesome health.
Carlie and Alex Popa
My exposure to Lifeplus began about nine years ago, when after a long search for high quality nutritional supplements, my family began using their products. I was raised in an environment of pursuing health and wellness as a way of life. In that pursuit, I learned that supplementing should be a priority, and I saw the results firsthand, which further strengthened this idea. Apart from the fact that I was rarely sick, my confidence in what Lifeplus products had to offer significantly increased when my recovery from various knee surgeries was positively impacted in a doctor baffling way. Although I had been encouraged in college to take a look at the business opportunity, I was mistaken to think that I did not know enough and therefore was not very intentional about it. Nearly four years later, I found myself married to the most incredible man, and working together full-time as houseparents at a home and school for children. With the desire to incorporate some of our other passions, I decided to revisit the business opportunity Lifeplus had to offer. This exploration led to my at first skeptical and lovingly protective husband, becoming my now business partner and greatest supporter. Though we have very limited time, we are able to move at a pace that works for us without feeling the pressure to do otherwise. It is very exciting to begin growing something now in our twenties that will continue to develop in years to come!