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Welcome to the MLT Training Page. This page is chock full of training and information that will serve you in building your business. You can right click any of the videos to copy the URL in case you would like to email to someone. Please do not post any of these videos on social media. They are for the team and for direct use when applicable. The page is broken up into two sections, the top section is 4 videos about products and the bottom section is composed of several business training videos.

Fast Start Flourish With Five

The Flourish with Five Programm

Product Training Videos

[Video #1] This video will give you a deeper understanding about why these are the best products you can use .

[Video #2] This video will go through the key foundational (core) products that are the platform for optimal health.

[Video #3] This video will give you insight as to how these products can support people with various health challenges.

[Video #4] This video will give you an understanding of which of our great products are best for children.

Business Training Videos

[Video #1]  This video gives insight into how our business model is ideal for today’s and tomorrow’s world.

[Video #2] This video overviews the process that you work to succeed.

[Video #3] This Video Takes you through a List Building Exercise that will help you develop a huge Contact Base.

[Video #4] This video takes you through how to make a contact (Approach) effectively.

[Video #5] This video trains you on exactly how to put together your story to be maximally effective.

[Video #6] This Video Teaches you how to be effective in Following-Up and Sponsoring

[Video #7] This video gives you tips and important steps to organize yourself to work efficiently.

 [Video #8] This video provides a detailed Overview of the Compensation Plan.

[Video #9] This video gets you started into effectively using Social Media and how to avoid key mistakes.